A colostomy is a surgical procedure where an opening is made on a patient’s abdomen. Thereafter the large intestine is cut and one part of it is removed and stitched to the abdomen to create a stoma. Digested food the passes through the stoma and into a pouch or a bag.

A colostomy is performed when a patient has experienced colorectal cancer, diverticulitis surgery, physical injuries to the bowel and imperforate anus.

Types of Stomas:

Temporary Stomas

A temporary colostomy is required when treatment has been carried out on the large intestine and the bowel needs time to heal. After a period of healing the stoma is reversed and the patient slowly regains normal bowel function.

Permanent Stomas

A permanent stoma is required when disease has affected the end part of the colon or rectum and there is no choice but to remove the rectum.

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