Ostomate Information

What is a stoma

A stoma is an artificial opening that is surgically created on patient’s abdomen to allow for stool or urine to pass from either the intestines or urinary tract. The procedure is recommended for patients who have undergone treatment for bowel cancer, inflammatory bowels disease, and injuries to the abdomen area.

What are the different types of stomas?

There is Colostomy, Ileostomy, and Urostomy

Is ostomy surgery permanent?

It is permanent especially when disease is discovered in a patient’s rectum and doctors have no choice but to remove a patient’s rectum. However, in the case where disease occurs away from the rectum, a temporary stoma will be placed to allow for the large intestine to heal. Thereafter a reversal surgery will be performed on the patient.

I am about to have a stoma

The idea of having a stoma is overwhelming for anyone. Especially if the procedure hasn’t been properly explained to the patient. In cases where it has, the challenge comes from imagining a life as an ostomate.

However, once a patient receives counseling they soon realize that there is life after surgery. At Stoma World Kenya our goal is to make sure that ostomates embrace their new condition and live life to the full.

Our dedicated team of counselors and stoma nurses are ready to walk with you every step of the way. With the right attitude and proper support patients learn to embrace their stoma as a new and interesting chapter of their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions?

I am having problems with my stoma?

The early days of an ostomate’s life is usually daunting. Patients usually experience physical and emotional challenges. In case you find yourself in such a situation, please get in touch with one of our volunteers on these numbers:

Sally: 0736 341 509 |0725 234 935; Catherine: 0721 363 818 | Josephine: 0722 696 508

How do I dispose of my bag?

Make sure you wrap the bag properly. Thereafter you may dispose of it in a pit latrine or a bin. Please ensure that is properly wrapped.

Where can I get my supplies?

Please get in touch with Sally: 0736 341 509 | 0725 234 935, or Eppy: 0720 250 493. They’ll be able to assist you.

How much will my supplies cost?

Stoma World Kenya offers bags for free. If you’re unable to get the specific type of bag you are looking for organizations like Coloplast, Conva-Tec and Hollister offer appliances at a fee.

Can I shower with appliance?

Ostomates can bathe or shower with their stoma bags. However, in the case where your doctor advises against it you should follow his or her instructions. You can shower with your pouch on or off. Don’t worry about wet patches or discomfort when you get out of the water, simply pat the bag down gently with a towel.

Can I play sports with a stoma?

Being an ostomate shouldn’t stop you from engaging in sports. However, you should avoid activities such as weight lifting especially during the early months after your surgery.

For patients who have undergone an ileostomy or a urostomy, sports like swimming can be uncomfortable because of their condition. One way to manage the situation is to avoid taking fluids before swimming.

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